Black Bean Short Ribs

2 Nov

I promised my husband I wouldn’t take the credit from him since this is technically his “recipe”, which he got from his mom.

I believe you can only get ribs cut like this at an Asian market, like Ranch 99. They’re basically baby back ribs that are sliced into even smaller bits.

First, dry rub the ribs with the following ingredients…

(Yes, that’s a “tablespoon” of corn starch.)

Then throw in dabs and specks of the following… note: you may want to add more black bean sauce since the recipe is black bean short ribs (but add to your own discretion.

(From top L–>R: hoisin sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, virgin olive oil, bottom L–>R: black bean sauce and white wine)

Next, you want to find a large pot with a “rack” so you can place your bowl of marinated ribs in there.

Add water to it just below the “rack” and let it come to a boil. After it boils, place the bowl of short ribs on top of the rack and reboil on high again for half an hour. After half and hour, open it up, taste one to make sure it’s cooked and serve hot!

Thank you husband for sharing this recipe with me.


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