Cupcake Minis

18 Oct

In a previous post, I mentioned that it would be smart to start an in-home cupcake business since they charge an arm and a leg for a cupcake. Even with cupcake minis, it’s close to $1 now (what gives?!). In another post, I also wrote that I would most likely never attempt to make dessert  simply because that’s not really my area of expertise.

These cupcakes I present to you are tasty (enough), cheap (enough) and presentable (enough). Okay, I admit, I cheated! I used those boxed cake mixes along with the canned frosting so in reality, I really didn’t bake anything! However, I’ll share a few secrets I learned from a baker friend of mine. Along with following the instructions on the back of the box, add in a cup of plain yogurt (or for you high end people, Greek yogurt) as well as a tablespoon of grinded coffee. The yogurt makes the cake more moist and the coffee enhances the chocolate more.

Instead of the heavier frosting, I opted for the whipped cream light frosting. The frosting tastes more like something you would taste on an Asian cake.

Oops, the one on the bottom left looks like it fell apart a bit (I’m a work in progress, next time (when I have more time). I’ll attempt to make it from scratch).  Here’s something geeky (for those who have actually read this far), you like the way I took this so it kind of has a Star Wars feel to it?


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