Quickie Udon Noodles

11 Oct

There was a wedding in an hour and a half, I had not showered, did not pick out my dress and there was no food in my stomach. uh-oh… what to do now?! As I began to scrummage through the fridge and freezer, desperately hoping for something to put together besides microwaving a Hot Pockets, I came up with… udon with pork and zucchini!

The pork was frozen, but a quickie tip I learned from my husband was to just put it in water, turn and squeeze the meat every five minutes or so and in less than half an hour, it’ll be defrosted! After it’s defrosted, the ideal marination would be for at least half an hour, however, I was on a time crunch here! So to make up for it, you just have to add more spices (by spices I mean salt, pepper, white pepper, garlic powder, etc.) to it so it soaks in the flavor even more. Afterwards, I like to massage the meat and soak in all the flavors by wearing those Korean gloves (2 for 99 cents). For this “stir fry” noodle dish, I added a bit more corn starch than I normally do and it turned out quite well since it gave it that extra gooey sauce after the pork’s cooked. To enhance the flavor, I like to add in garlic before the meat’s put in, it also helps with the flavor as well. Finally, I added in oyster sauce and (low sodium) soy sauce and voila, meat was done.

In the mean time, cook the udon, dice up zuchinni, and fry it up. For the udon, I added in special Chow Mein soy sauce which you can find at your local Ranch 99. Mix, mix, mix and there’s your 15 minute lunch! (For those of you wondering, I made it in time for the wedding… with time to spare.)



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