Tofu House

10 Oct

There’s one in Santa Clara and one in Palo Alto (or more so Mountain View/Palo Alto border). The one in Palo Alto has become my new favorite tofu house. Although they recently redid their menus as well as their prices, aka: raise their prices by quite a huge percentage, we’ll still be back. (Be prepared to pay $10 for a bowl of soong dobu).

All tofu houses have a different tiers of spice, and all spice levels vary in each restaurant. Through experience, I have learned that I can handle the hot level, but to be safe, I would recommend just starting with the medium if you can tolerate a bit of spice. The best way to even out a spicy mouth is to mix your taste buds with a bit of sweetness. What sweetness you ask? Order some kalbi or bulgogi (I would recommend the kalbi). The spicy and sweet sensation is heavenly, and also serves as a great spice killer at the same time.


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