Pizza Night!

8 Oct

I’ve become a pizza snob… long gone are the Costco pizza days! Never again, will my mouth ever bite into a Costco pizza (certain exceptions may apply).

My husband and I are on the quest for the BEST pizzas in the South Bay area. So far, nothing beats Slice of New York pizza. I love hole in the walls, and this is an awesome hole in the wall! If you look on Yelp, they have close to 900 reviews and it comes out to 4.5 stars. Come on guys, that’s nearly perfect!

Anyway, I’m not dedicating this post to SoNY. In Cupertino, there’s a place called J.T. McHart’s. It’s not bad, it’s just not THE best. The crust is not Chicago style, but it’s nice and hearty. The toppings are nice and hearty as well. If you are in the Cupertino area, I would suggest this place. It’s not all soggy and oily like those cheaper pizza places. Oh, and mention Yelp for a 20% discount.

This medium pizza can be shared by two hungry people.


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