Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center (Irvine, CA)

29 Sep

(For those of you who care, thank you for reading and I apologize for the lack of updates these past few days. A mini-weekend vacay was taken, which resulted in a break from the internet, sorta.)

Besides visiting family in Irvine, our other favorite thing to do there is visit Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center. I think I’ll gain an extra 15 pounds if something like this existed in the (south) Bay Area. I feel like Columbus when I say this, but I love how we accidentally discover a new place every time we drop by this plaza. (For the confused, Columbus claimed to discover America, but didn’t Vespucci discover it way before? And of course, there’s the Native Americans…)

Before all these people from the Bay Area “discovered” this gem, we accidentally stumbled upon 85C when we were driving around looking for a place to eat a few years back. The line was absurdly long, which made me want to wait in line even more! On the front of this store front was a nice, eye-catching poster of Sea Salt Coffee. My husband, the coffee lover, *had* to try this and after the first sip, fell in love with it. Apparently, the sea salt in the foam enhances the flavor of the coffee. Being the typical Chinese girl that I am, I opted for the green milk tea. After the first sip, I fell in love with this drink. My other favorite green milk tea drink is from Fantasia, and although the taste of the tea was not as strong in this one, it’s still a keeper!

In short, 86C is known for it’s famous sea salt coffee and their killer selection of bakery goods. The line’s always long when we go there (typically on a Sunday around lunch hour), so we really never get much of a chance to try the different assortments of bread. I have heard that the mocha bread is quite the winner.

Another accidental discovery, which actually happened this past weekend was discovering this mini food court inside H-Mart. Once again, will probably gain another 15 pounds if we had a Korean market as expansive as this. Will probably be wasting quite a bit of money trying to imitate Korean food there too, but that’s another story. We actually stepped inside this market because we wanted to avoid the blistering heat outside and decided to take a leisurely stroll around the market. When walking into the food court consisting of three shops, I noticed that everyone was eating out of a stone pot with a wooden square surrounding it. Our hypothesis is that the wood is so you won’t burn yourself, but for all my Korean friends, please feel free to correct me. So thanks to Yelp as well as all the people eating it, we *had* to try it Sobahn just to see why everyone was ordering it. Hands down, my husband and I agreed that it’s probably the best food court stone pot bibimbap we ever had. We would’ve been pretty insane if we ordered the piping’ hot seafood hot soup (which I love) , so for our next trip, that’s going to be the bowl I order

Till next time, Diamond Jamboree Center…


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