Maggiano’s Dessert Sampler

20 Sep

This past Friday marks the first time I had Maggiano’s for dinner AND dessert. With the numerous choices they had to offer for dessert, ranging from $3 – $7.25 or so, the most logical choice seems to be the dessert sampler where you get to choose 5 desserts from the menu.

From left to right, we had:  apple crostada (my surprise favorite), tiramisu (husband’s favorite), cheesecake, chocolate zuccoto cake (extremely rich and heavy, neither of us were fans) and the creme brulee. Look at that! And all for the price of $9.25 too. And for those of you who know my husband, you would know he came prepared with coupons (no surprise). The coupon was $2 for any dessert that was $7.25 or under, so we decided to just pay the difference for the sampler, which means that dessert came out to be a measly $5.00. Yup, we never made it to Cocola after Maggiano’s that night…


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