N’awlins in Mountain View

17 Sep

Hello Papa D’s! My husband and I were proud to say that we could walk to Uncle Frank’s if we wanted to. But one day it went away and we didn’t even get to say goodbye. As I was going out and about doing my business one day, my husband sends me an email, sharing with me that a new cook is in town and has taken over our beloved Uncle Frank’s.

Real New Orleans food? We’ve never had. Since it was so close, we had to try it. We also wanted to see if it could live up to Uncle Frank’s, even though the type of food is a bit different.

The place was pretty empty when we got there and we sat down right away. Our original choice for appetizer, catfish nuggets were sold out, so we went for the wings.

We had the crawfish etouffe and jambalaya, can you tell which is which?

It turns out we’re both not big fans of N’awlins food, but what’s making us decide to come back again? The man himself, Papa D! He came out and chit chatted with us and promised that catfish was on him next time. Papa D, I will come back and I hope you honor your offer…


One Response to “N’awlins in Mountain View”

  1. Liz September 17, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    Uncle Frank’s is back in a new location! I haven’t checked it out yet but maybe we should go sometime: http://www.yelp.com/biz/uncle-franks-bbq-and-catering-sunnyvale

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