Ratings & Fried Chicken

16 Sep

On a typical evening, dande’s kitchen means cooking for two. Last night, we had the pleasure of entertaining two guests, which meant more food and more experimenting! We also added a twist to the menu board – after our meal, we decided to rate the meal (a 1 star meal to a 5 star meal)… let me tell you, it’s a  bit awkward rating yourself though.

I started off with two easy dishes since I had a feeling it might take a while to finish up the last experimental dish (and boy was I right!).

Dish #1: Basil Chicken with Bell Peppers

Slice up chicken drumsticks (I like to tenderize), marinate with salt and pepper (both black and white is my preference). Stir fry, add in bell peppers when almost cooked, throw some oyster sauce on it and a few dabs or sesame oil and then add basil at the very end.

Dish #2: Broccoli and Mushroom

Put broccoli in water till it’s cooked, in the meantime stir fry mushrooms till cooked (add a bit of salt & pepper for flavor), mix in together and add oyster sauce, (lite) soy sauce and a pinch of sugar.

Dish #3: Sweet & Crunchy Chicken Wings

This is the fried wings without the sauce on it… we sampled wings with sauce and wings without… wings with sauce won!

I’m glad the first two dishes were relatively quick and easy to make since this last dish took quite a while. The recipe I used said to fry it twice so that took nearly 20 minutes in itself. The batter for this was different from what I’m used to – 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup corn starch, 2 Tbp salt, 1 Tbp pepper and 2 eggs. Throw all those ingredients onto the wings and “soak” it thoroughly. The end result is that your hands end up with a bunch of gunk in it!

I actually tried this Korean sauce which ended up tasting like sweet ginger at the very end (probably because I used light brown sugar & soy sauce instead of the regular one). With his years of experimental mess-ups, my husband made an impromptu sauce which was basically sweet chili sauce that Thai restaurants use on their barbeque meats. From this experience, I learned to savor San Tung’s dried fried chicken wings even more!

In conclusion, here’s the meal I came up with… wine from Napa courtesy of OC. The wine sure fancies the meal up a bit more…

After a real dinner comes dessert… so, here’s dessert thanks to S(B)W.

Not only was dessert cute looking, it was also very delicious… she should sell these minis for 75 cents each (minimum).

Thank you for reading all the way down to here, but I just *had* to include this twist at the end. We decided it would be a fun idea to rate the meal, so… this is what our judges came up with!


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