Free Money

13 Sep

… is very rare in life. However, at this Yelp event, we were able to take advantage of a new start up called Bling Nation (probably won’t make it) and snag a few $20s. The theme this time was finding “treasure” while bar hopping around downtown Palo Alto. We first met up to sign in to this event and get our $20 of bling cash to use at participating restaurants in downtown Paly. If you also link it to your Paypal account, you’ll be able to get an additional $20. So between my husband and I, we were able to get $80 to spend however we pleased. This marks the best Yelp event we’ve been to since a typical Yelp event consists of a platter of samplings and two hundred vultures fighting over them, sort of like Costco samples but on drugs.

The first stop was this place called Siam Royal. It was a mixed bag of Yelp reviews, but we figured you really can’t go THAT wrong with Thai. However, if we didn’t have free bling cash, we definitely would’ve walked past this place.

BBQ chicken with sweet chili sauce, duck curry and beef pad see-ew

Everything was pretty mediocre, but you really can’t complain about a free meal. We also had a Thai iced tea and Chrysanthemum tea so the total came out to $40 including tax and tip.

Next stop, we went to Fraiche for some good ol’ healthy froyo dessert! My husband loved it because they served Blue Bottle Coffee, which according to him is a coffee novelty. I on the other hand ordered a mix of pomegranate and original froyo and loved it simply because it wasn’t as sweet as other froyo places – I guess Fraiche really does make authentic organic yogurt (healthy too!). Oh, I was also a huge fan of the organic “oreo”. I would love to  buy me a box of those, if only I knew where it was from!

Anyway, the total for this came out to be ~$8. So with $48 spent, we still have a little over $30 to spend in downtown Palo Alto. Once again, thank you Yelp for this free money! I guess some Yelp events are worth going to, even though most are a hit or miss with food.


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