Korean Night

9 Sep

The food looks decent in pictures, but I think I’ve perfected taking nice pictures of still objects in general (thanks to the Canon S90). Anyway, I decided to make use of my “chalk board” and write down tonight’s dinner… it took me forever to write nicely in chalk, so that’s another thing to work on (besides cooking), chalk-writing penmanship.

The first dish, inspired by Roll House is my ramen dokbokki – Shin noodles, rice cake balls, fish cake and onions. The dish was a bit too spicy for my liking though…

The second dish was inspired by random banchan that I’ve had. The main reason for this dish was because the sauce stood out to me. If I could redo the sauce again, I would probably cook the garlic a bit to get rid of the raw taste of it.

The final dish is something I will eventually give up on and only order at restaurants. I can’t seem to perfect any type of pancake for the life of me. I’ve tried the packaged flour and real flour (this time), regardless, it still turns out looking blah and not tasting great at all.

Yeah, this last dish only looks like cooked kimchi, bleh. For next time, I’ll have to do less reds in the overall meal.


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